Saturday, December 4, 2010


My Minutes Survey
Instruction: Once you are tagged,answer all the question honestly..

Person who tagged: hyun miera :)
Starting time: 05.14 pm

Name: Lina Lin
Full Name: Nurul Amalina Bt Kamaruddin
Siblings: 2 out of 4
Eye colour: Black
Shoe size: saiz 4 kasut biase, saiz 5 sport shoes
Hair: cam wavy2 ckt :) (eleh)
Height: 153cm short n fat! :P
What are you wearing right now: T-shirt hitam & track suit
Where do you live: Penang
Favourite number: 6 ta twu nape minat sgt no nieh :)
Favourite drink: Limau suam, tok bakar lomak2 yg d tanak seumur hidup nieh,bhahaha
Favourite month: it depends,january maybe :)
Favourite breakfast: Nasi Lomak

= Have you ever =

Broken a bone : Tak, dan tanak :)
Been in a police car : Tak, dan tamaw
Fallen for a friend: Once.
Fallen for a guy / girl in a short period of time : Dulu-Dulu :P
Swam in an ocean: Ta reti berenang, sedey btl :(
Broken someone's heart : Buat tanpa sengaja, sorrrryy sgt!
Cried when someone died : Always. Sensitip gler~
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call :Semalam.. Godzila dpt call free,hehe 
Saved e-mail: Ta suke ..
Been cheated on : Often, huuu,buduss!

= What =

Your room look like: No description, pompuan bujang la kowt
What is right beside you : Dinding rumah :P
What is the last thing u ate : Kopok lekor,nyum3~

= Ever had =

Chicken pox : Mestilah, ta normal kalo ta pnh kena,hehe
Sore throat : Hujung bulan 11 ari tue da kena..tanak dah!
Stitches: Tidak!!
Broken nose: Pon Tidak~

= Do you =

Believe in love at first sight : Yes!
Like picnic : Depends~

= Who =

Who did you last yell at : Lupe la..sape tah..
Who was the last person you danced with: Najwa dan Farah.. karaoke ta egt dunia
Who last made you smile : Mama,bagi kopok lekor..hehe

= Final Question =

What are you listening to right now?
Suara kau berharap - hijau daun

What did you do today?
blogging,facebooking,on9 shopping,jap g nak masak mkn malam :)

Are you the oldest?

Indoor or Outdoor?
Balun jep..

= Today did you =

Talk to someone you like?
definately,hari2 kena ckp dgn godzila :) cpt rindu nt lina majuk

Kiss anyone?
Kucen2 jela boley cium pon.. ari2 cium mereka..heee

Kalo mud nak melalak dtg..

Talk to ex?

Miss someone?

Nak makn pelik2 jek ari nieh..

= Last person who =

You talked to the phone:?
Godzilaku :)

Made you cry?
Godzilaku :(

Went to the movies with?
lame dah ta pegi..las dgn family, tgk toys story..bapak lame!

You went to the mall with?

Who cheered you up?
Godzila :)))

= Have you =

Been to Mexico?
dlm Malaysia pon ta abs round lagi..

Been to USA?
samela,ta penah..

= Random =

Have a crush on someone?
~ 2 years ago :) godzila hehe

What books are you reading right now?
Ta bace buku pon :)

Best feeling in the world?
Kasih Sayang!

Future kids name?
Ta pk lagi lorh :)

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
Mesti, dgn Mashitah..Godzila bagi! yeyay

What's under your bed?

Favourite sport(s)?
exersice jari dgn blogwalking :P

Favourite place?
Shopping Mall

Who do you really hate?
People who hates me :)

Do you have a job?
Tukang masak kontrak di rumah :)

What time is right now?
05.48 pm

p/s: With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My Minute Survey" and tagged 15 people.

coret2: time kasih banyak2 yer hyun miera :))

bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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Bella said... [Reply to comment]

tag yg sblom ni pown x pnjang cmni..haha..
btw thanx eah..t Bella jwb..:)

~cUmIeChIqI~ said... [Reply to comment]

dtg amek tag..huuu
bile2 ak pos..pnt ni balek keje

Ct SoLeHa said... [Reply to comment]

sempat ke 1minit buat survey ni??hehe