Monday, August 1, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua ;)

last night before i went to bed, i already done my cooking for sahur.. simple menu, just chicken soup with a plate of 4.30 my bf call me asking if im already sahur or not..4.30 is too early for me to wake up so i answer this n that to his question n bye, that's i too cruel for not answer his call properly? ahh, he also do the same thing so never mind, fair n square..

so i woke up at 5 am n awake farah n najwa for sahur together with me..then i realized that najwa also cook the same menu with me which is chicken soup..our soup look the same coz i learn the receipe from najwa.. hehe.. done sahur around 5.35 am..imsak is at 5.41 n subuh at 5.51 in KL area..after sahur i do my tax homework and sleep for 10 minutes before i wake up to solat subuh.. and then after that i go get a shower n get ready to go to the class..

today i also realized that i actually really waiting for ramadhan n not raya like a few years before.. i really want to feel the nikmat from ramadhan.. do u guys feel the same thing? is it because now im more matured than before? anyhow, i really want ramadhan to stay..1 day already past..huuuuu..

for sahur,i think i wanna cook shrimp sauce..simple menu n easy to cook ;)


bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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