Monday, August 8, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua..

this weekends i filled it with watching korean drama Personal Taste.. i got stress.. and i think my feeling is seriously ill.. i cried a lots these day.. and of coz i cried for something ridiculous.. am i too sensitive this day or it because of my 'holiday' will coming soon? oh i dont know why..

i get a lot of things to be solve.. and it cant be solve because im not capable in solving it.. it involve 3rd party..which i dont like to deal with IF it does not fulfill my criteria..cerewat kan?

its about my JPJ test n many more which i dont think it can be share here although this is personal blog..  i dunno why my Cikgu didn't inform me anything.. i wait for nearly 1 month to get my jpj form been settle.. n now i think im gonna explode.. and my mouth gatal2 aje nak memaki..tommorrow i will send him another message, if he dont reply it, thats it, im gonna call him n maki..sorry, i know its Ramadhan, but my patient had comes to its limit, n i cant stand it anymore..

and i HATE capital allowances.. i dunno how to calculate it..i have to do 5 past years questions and am i too dumb or what coz i cant even solve 1 question.. i understand the concept but y suddenly i dont understand what the question too dumb,yes i am..

im the kind of person who do its homework last minute, yes, its not good, but that the only way to make sure my brain works faster..hey, u got me, my brain works slowly n so lazy to think off anything..huhu.. 

ohh i think i have to sleep now coz my brain is not functioning anymore..


bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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kpah k-poh said... [Reply to comment]

mama don't know what to say...just relax and take a deep breath...