Saturday, August 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua ;)

i woke up for sahur at 5 today.. after sahur i wait till Subuh and at 6.30 i sleep back.. hey, its Saturday, i have to Qada' my sleep lah kan..hahaha.. so i sleep then at 11, i woke up.. frankly speaking, i still wanna continue my sleep but suddenly i got stomach ache.. im thinking about ignoring the stomach ache, then i realize it is not the ordinary stomach ache.. im thinking it might because of im eating spicy food i went to toilet..

usually i dont take long time in the toilet, but that morning, the pain is getting worse.. i went to the toilet twice, and of coz my stomach is then empty.. fortunately i dont feel to hungry this day.. maybe because the weather is fine..and i got things to do.. but then, when it comes to the time to berbuka, my stomach began to mengada-ngada balik.. i ignore it.. coz food is in front of me, and im hungry.. after eat, then it comes again the stomach ache.. maybe i got DIARRHEA.. so i start thinking what food i ate yesterday.. i eat nasik lemak and i bought ayam rendang.. i bought nasik lemak from pakcik that i already know him.. so it might be the ayam rendang.. huhu..

i began to feel the trauma in buying food at bazar ramadhan.. huhuhu..


bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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kpah k-poh said... [Reply to comment]

minum air teh pahit..kak...

Lina_Lin said... [Reply to comment]

@kpah k-poh

hehe..mmg xdapek lah ma teh pahit..teh pon ngak ada..