Saturday, September 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua & hello Saturday ;)

finally we meet again my little cute blog.. i was busy at the beginning of the week with my BEL forum and presentation MKT.. everything goes smoothly..Alhamdulillah.. since this is the second week before study week, i feel more relax.. and of course not pay any attention to lectures ( buruk perangai ko lina).. i was like , alah, malas giler lah nak tulis, then boleh give reason like, pensel aku nieh dakwat asik patah jek, nieh yg aku malas nak tulis and at last my pencil broke.. seriously i cannot used it anymore.. i bought it when i was in semester 1 and now im at semester 5.. huhuhu.. that pencil got its own sentimental value.. but now, i cant used it anymore..huhu.. 

oraite, enough with an over intro from me, lets see some pictures from dean list ceremony.. it was held at Saloma Bistro (sape tak tawu tmpt nieh kat ner sila google skrg, i mean, now! ) on 8 September 2011..  the place was superb..seriously i like the place, a little bit classic ( helo, look at the place name, its Saloma ) but i forget to take some pictures to show it to u guys.. so once again, please google everybody ;)

in front of Saloma Bistro ;)

my lovely classmates :)
terbaekkkk , haha
blue geng ;)

white geng ;)
pink geng :)

from left : Jann, yana,ecah,ziera
from left : saq,mimi,zue
from left : baz and pika

from left :ada, kak shida, aishah anee, dali, saq, asma , jann
aida n syafiq
she is adorable ;)

from left: kak shida n kak yaya
from left : ziera, ME , zue

me me me
she is the of the prettiest girl that day, its dali ;)

chocolate cake
pandan cake ( the colour is green so i consider it as pandan, haha)
strawberry cake ( i think its strawberry, if i not mistaken lah )
cheese cake
4 type of jelly

2 types of chicken, deep fried n roasted
sotong kering sambal (i like it )
ikan keli masak lemak cili api ( i love love love love it, nak lagiii )
rendang daging
and 4 types of fruits

there is much more food, but i cannot taste all of it.. they separate local and western food into two side.. on the right from the front door is for western food and on the left side is for local food.. the food is so so so and so delicious.. huwaaaa nak makan lagi.. anybody volunteer to bring me there? huhu

me with my award ;)

me with dali ;)

congrats to all of YOUUU ;)

till then, BUIBUI ~

bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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AISYAH@AISHAH said... [Reply to comment]

tahniah dpt gak dean's list...

Aida Azryn said... [Reply to comment]

tahniah ya! :)

cIk cUmIe said... [Reply to comment]

cewahhhhh..dpt DL. taniah2. :)

kpah k-poh said... [Reply to comment]

ma nak pakai tudung cam tu lah...heee

Lina_Lin said... [Reply to comment]

kak aisha : 2la,masok sem 4 br dapat..alhamdulillah ;)

aida: thanks dear ;)

cumie: thanks,ko pon penah rase gak an?

mama: nt balik alina ajar..hehe,serabut cikit tp dlm gmbr nmpk stlish ;)