Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua ;)

last Sunday (18/9), actually our class section 10 had been invited by our accounting lecturer Miss Wan Rosnah to her open house at Bangi.. konvoi beb ;) 5 cars ( ecah, aishah, tasha,taufik & ijam) im in Aishah's car with Joff.  its was really fun, maybe because of delicious food cooked by Miss Wan.. i love love love her laksa so so so much.. nak tambah tp malu =,= so i just eat a bowl of laksa and a plate of spageti..  ;(

lets meet my accounting lecturer : Miss Wan Rosnah ;)

and this is aishah and joff ;)
twins of the day, yeay ;)
from left : izati,fika,dalila and ME ;)

its time to eat eat eat eat ;)

not to forget to take some pictures ;)
and more pictures
and more and more pictures, lets play a game ;)
clue : she is wearing pink+purple baju kurung ;)

meet the pretty lady of the day ;)
meet the aaaa?? =,= haha
in front of Miss" house, smile every body ;) saq is holding our dwet rayer hehe
they bring Tax note everywhere they go, Miss a.k.a Madam Tety, be proud of us ;)

yehhh, there's some more pictures but i cant upload it all due to the slow internet =,= so that all i wanna share.. oohh ya, lets make a double deduction entry, today we had passed the Tax320 paper.. congrats to all of us.. there still 4 paper to go so lets double our revision and double our prayers ;) BUIBUI ~

p/s: hope to meet u in my dream tonight AIA ;)

bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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