Friday, September 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua ;)
good morning everybody.. its friday today and today is Malaysian Boy  Day.. yuhuuu.. MERDEKA ! alright, im not gonna talk about this today cause everybody is writing an entry bout this, so it could be a little bit boring.. that's y im gonna share my experience calling for Pizza Delivery ! it is an awesome experience okeh.. 

first of all, i search for Pizza Hut official website.. i went through their menu, make some selection and do some calculation so that im not over my budget.. so yesterday im choosing Hawaiian Chicken Pizza and Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings. but after that, im not straightly calling their delivery number, instead that i do some registration for online ordering..

the page for on9 ordering should be like this..

so the first thing i do is sign up.. fill in all the blank given and then click register.. after that, Pizza Hut will send to u an email for activation.. after click the link given, now u can log in to their website..

then u HAVE to read all the term and conditions given so that u understand what risk u gonna face later on.. lastly click i agree..

fill in your address.. i face some difficulty when i want to key in my lot/house number since my house number is 43-3B.. if u see the pic below it can only be fill with numeric only.. so the solution is,
ignore the lot/house no. but fill the 43-3B at additional information.. and click yes ;)

after that, your screen will appear this page..

so u can see, ur full address been taken.. ignore the number 1 at the delivery address, cause they understand what that means..  now u can start ordering online !

but in my case, instead of doing online ordering, i call the delivery number.. 

1 300 88 2525
so there will be phone conversation of course..

pizza : hello, terima kasih kerana bla bla bla bla.. 
nama saya bla bla bla bla
( cant recall the first thing the operator say ;P )
berapa nombor telefon cik yer?
me : 017- ******0
pizza : ohh, cik Nurul Amalina Kamaruddin yer?
me : yer yer ( in shock cause they now my name , haha )
pizza : cik gune lagi yer alamat 43-3B nieh ? rumah yg macam mane yer?
me : yer,guna yg tue lot apartment
pizza: ok, cik nak order ape?
me : bla bla bla dengan bla bla bla..
pizza : okeh, semuanya RM 32.40, sediakan cash secukupnya,
delivery akan smp dalam tempoh masa 45 minit. terima kasih..
me : yer yer ( still in shock =,= )

the conversation is not exceeding 5 minute okeh.. see, how efficient the pizza operator was.. i got an experience ordering McD which their operator was not good enough so my call exceed 15 minute, what a waste of phone credit.. so i wait for half an hour only ( not really half an hour, its less than it) and the deliver person came ! :) aaahh, finally i can enjoy my pizza..its so yummy n i like it :) Pizza Hut is the BEST !

bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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kpah k-poh said... [Reply to comment]

nanti try kat sini pulak tau....

IFA Athirah said... [Reply to comment]

dh try domino pizza lak x?