Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua :)

first time i play this game using my frenz (Pqah) fon, cause she had the game inside her phone.. but not from The Sims Social facebook.. its another version of Sims Social.. i played it when i was in sem 1 and now im in sem 5.. u can see how long i did not play this game.. not because i dont like to play this game, but i cant find where can i download this game.. trust me, i search everywhere n i still cannot find it..

at last, i found it.. that day, i was facebooking like usual n suddenly i read 1 of my fren status saying that she wanna play the game as much as she want cause she was in her semester break..i was extremely happy cause finally i found where can i play that game.. starting from that day, i was addicted to this game.. although at that time the final exam was around the corner, but i still played the game non stop.. 

it continue till in the final examination weeks.. i cannot stop my habits to play it everyday..i was totally addicted to that game.. if my final exam's result is not good, then the game should be blame.. wakaka.. 

my house at this time :)

if you guys also play this game, dont forget to become my neighbour okeh, till then, BUIBUI ~

bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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zuhanif said... [Reply to comment]

hehhehehe addicted ya. emmmm sy pun sama nasib baik huby memahami so dia ada belikan cd sim baru yg dlm komptr dan yg dlm PS2 pun ada game sim heheheh :P

Eirma Rohayu said... [Reply to comment]

aku kat henpon pun ado, tp kena download, dpt main sekerat jalan je. kejam tol. yg kat fb nak main, tp paham jela tenet aku nih, cm nak nazak je. huhu :(

kakatak said... [Reply to comment]

sakit tangan aku men game tuh gne hp !