Friday, October 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua :)

updating my blog at my home sweet home bebeh :) i reached Penang today, early in the morning.. thank God i dont miss the station or else i'll be at Hatyai :P

big news my dear peeps ;) who knows Mr Curly ? i bet everybody knows right? i know him but last night i got the chance to meet him live ! thanks to my mother who make this things happen :) since yesterday was my mother's besday, she ordered special sweetie cheese cake from Mr Curly.. YUMMY :)

thanks for the picture :)

Mr Curly wrote some entries bout my mother's besday..
sooo sweetss :)

i guess cause it taste too yummy that's why i only remembered
to take some pictures of the sweetie cheese after i ate 1/4 of the cake.. 
opps ;)  hehe..

cheese cheese bebeh ;)

 i bought this as a present for both of my parents since they want to go to Austrailia at the end of this year..  but unfortunately, my older brother said that when it comes to December, it was summer not winter... WAAAAAA :(  i already brought this for their besday present, and it is expensive WAAAA T_T

so, i bought another present for my lovely mother but
this time i shared wif my boyfren.. 
yes yes, its the famous Ferrero Rocher :)

then we celebrate my mother's besday at the nearest restaurant..  lets cekedout the picture :)

 yummy yummy cant wait to eat :)

the fish was really big okehh

 mama n abah :)

that's my lil brother :)

my tummy is full, n i cant continue to type anymore, so see u in the next entry, BUIBUI ~

bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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mr.curly said... [Reply to comment]

wahhh..omak nk g ostolia ekk..leh la kirim beli kanggaroo tuk wat kebab..hikhik