Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua ;)

since my final exam for semester 5 was already ended, now i get the chance to renovate my blog to its new look.. my lovely blog, do you like it? ( my blog : angguk-angguk ) this is my apologize present cause im ignoring u for a few weeks, sorry ;(

for one day, im searching for a tons of tutorial to design my blog.. although i find the tuto that i want, but then it is not for my templete which is minima.. so it need a lots of hardwork and of course some time to finish it up till how it look like now..

for bloggers who wants design their blog, you may look at this 2 blog, their tutorial are simple and superb ;)

ohh, not to forget, it still have Muet exam this Thursday ;(
till the, buibui

bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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Eirma Rohayu said... [Reply to comment]

lina sgt rajin design2, wei ang boleh masuk OSM, office system management, degree course aku sbb ang suke benda2 camnie, nanti ang boleh wt website ape sume. tp aku tak lyn sgt benda2 cenggini, ehe :D