Thursday, November 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua :)

wahh..seems like it been a year i dont update my blog..haha..sorry, im not busy, just that im enjoying my semester break so much till i feel so lazy to update my today, im gonna do marathon updates.. what is marathon updates? come,lets see what is it..

23 oct - 29 oct
an ordinary day for a little 'girl' like me.. stay at home quietly, done some cooking, watching movies, watching tv, surfing, eating, sleeping bla..bla..bla.. boring,but thats how i rest my body n brain ;)

30 oct - 31 oct
heading to Kuala Lumpur by tren.. najwa and me had a plane to catch on 1 nov.. we gonna had some fun at JB ,yeayyy ;)

1 nov
spend some sleepy time at lcct.. my flight was at 7.10 am, so yeahhh, we sleep at the lcct that morning.. fun? big no but someone is waiting for me at JB airport ;) gagahkan jugaklah ~

1 nov - 5 nov
stay at JB for several days..visiting the great place at JB.. meet my lovely aunt and her daughter n not to forget, the yummy kek lapis ;) this i gonna share the picture later on okeh, cause i dont have the copy :( on 4 nov, i check my final exam result, and Alhamdulillah, still hold the dean list result..

6 nov
celebrating Aidiladha with stomach ache.. so, there's no raya for me.. sobsss...but i ate a lot of meat,yeayyy, weight gain :P

7 nov till yesterday
watching Nora Elena dramas at Tonton non stop..

thinking what can i do next till the holidays end , ermmm ....

so that all for today.. see u on the next entry darlsss , buibui

bace jek? komen lah cikit, dont shy-shy cat ;P

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Ema said... [Reply to comment]

waaaaa... marathon abes :)

Khumaera Ismail aka Habibi Hamid said... [Reply to comment]

cuti sem lah masa utk release tensen dari belajar kan. =)

Eirma Rohayu said... [Reply to comment]

Seronok ye, aku jugak yg dok umah jd jururawat sementara. nora elena tak best! baca novel lg best. hehehe. kejam tak aku?